Sasesc Salami

Sasesc Salami

Sasesc Salami is the best product of Cris-Tim and a real delicacy for the whole family, carefully prepared to arouse your appetite.

The star of Cris -Tim salami and a real delicacy for the whole family . Carefully prepared to arouse lust in a delicious sandwich with toast and vegetables. You can choose between 3 options equally delicious variations:

  • Classic Sasesc , who has accustomed you with a delicate , perfectly balanced taste
  • Sasesc Pikant with a chilli powder , to energize your taste buds
  • Saxon Green Pepper , for connoisseurs of fine taste

Whatever recipe you choose for Sasesc Salami , you have the warrant that you will get a delicious sandwich , as the below. Here’s what you need to prepare it:

  • 2 large slices of black bread
  • 2 lettuce leaves
  • A red pepper
  • Mustard
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Cream butter
  • Sasesc Salami

Before anything , thoroughly wash vegetables with cold water. Black bread slices must be cut into halves . A half is greased with butter cream, then covered with red pepper cut into large pieces . Above, put two slices of Sasesc Salami and a lettuce leaf . Another half is given a little mustard and put it as a lid . Repeat with the other two halves of bread.

Put them on a plate, together with cherry tomatoes!

Enjoy your meal!