Dairy Products

Mandruta is a Romanian brand of dairy products, owned by EcoFarm, which is a part of Cris-Tim group.


Mandruta offers everything your heart desires – fresh milk, sana, buttermilk, yoghurt, sour cream – all made solely from milk obtained on our farm, which differentiates our products from other products on the market. Why? Because at our farm, the cows are special. They are happy, loved and well taken care of. That is why their milk is so good and nutritious.

Hence the brand name – Mandruta (The Fair One) – which wasn’t chosen randomly. For how else would you call a cow that lives in freedom, along with her sisters, a cow that is fed the best fodder, while listening to classical music and recognizing the voice her caregiver? We made sure to buy only state-of-the-art equipment that would match the installation already present on the farm. Because, even though the cows are pampered with quality fodder and are taken care of in a traditional way, the rest of the activity at EcoFerm is closely monitored by a computerized system. All cows have electronic chips that gather a lot of information about them: their parents, the treatments they received, the amount of milk they give and its properties. This means that milk produced on our farm has the best quality because we know exactly where it came from.


Mandruta Products