Vitality - Stories about good taste

Collection of foods without preservatives,
inspired by a healthy lifestyle


Vitality - Stories about good taste

A good story requires patience on behalf of the listener and haste on the part of the story-teller. Take a little time to enjoy the story of the first Romanian brand of preservative free cold cuts - Vitality that includes premium cold cuts which targets customers who are keen on leading a healthy lifestyle.

It is not enough to know a product's name in order to truly enjoy it. It is advisable to know its story. Vitality cold cuts are prepared with skill and care at our production unit in Filipeştii de Pădure. In order to find the perfect recipe and taste, that would delight even the most demanding tasts, the products had to undergo numerous tests.

There are many stories to be told about Vitality cold cuts. Stories concerning a healthy lifestyle and also stories about flavors, refined recipes and good taste. Enough stories to fit in a collection. And this collection contains delicacies as fillet, turkey ham, chicken ham, beef ham and pork ham.


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