Tuesday, 09 July 2013 03:00

The first Romanian biogas cogeneration plant

Ploiesti, July 2013 Genesis Biopartner, a Romanian holding company which comprises Baupartner Romania and Vireo Energy Sweden, announces the inauguration of the first Romanian biogas cogeneration plant in Filipestii de Padure, Prahova County.
The project was initiated, developed and financed by Genesis Biopartner and has an electric capacity of 1 MW/h and a thermal capacity of 1.2 MW/h, processing a daily amount of 49 tons of substrate. The project required an investment of aproximately EUR 5 million.

The implementation of the project began in June 2012. Its aim was to produce renewable electrical and thermal energy in cogeneration by using vegetable substrate and biodegradable waste from the area. The novelty of the project consists in supplying the thermal energy to another partner, the predictability of energy supply (over 8000 hours of activity/year) and the possibility to store energy (biogas).

This project supports the development of three primary areas in Romania: energy, agriculture and environmental protection. The biogas cogeneration plant is suitable for every industrial consumer that uses thermal energy (hot water, technological steam, hot air).

“Currently, we are conducting feasibility studies for other locations. At the same time, we are looking for partners for setting up in their proximity biogas plants and for producing energy in cogeneration. We are particularly interested in companies from the food industry, that produce organic waste, or in industrial companies with thermal energy consumption. “said Michael Dietrich, founder of Genesis Biopartner.

The first beneficiary of this project is the cold cuts producer Cris-Tim. The partnership between Biopartner and Cris-Tim was established by identifying common objectives which are advantageous to both sides. For Genesis Biopartner the partnership consists in capitalizing on the thermal energy production while for Cris-Tim it consists in lower cost for thermal energy and efficient waste management.
“This partnership that facilitated the construction of the biogas cogeneration plant right next to our cold cuts plant, will ensure a lower cost for technological steam supplies.” said Radu Timis, President of Cris-Tim Group.

In what concerns the technical equipment, the project was developed by two companies, AB Energy and MT Energie, which were in charge with supplying the right equipment for the functioning of the cogeneration installation. AB Energy provided the equipment for biogas processing, for the transformation of biogas into electrical energy and for the recovery of thermal energy. MT Energie supplied the fermentation line technology and designed the automatization of the biogas production chain.


Genesis BIOPARTNER - Holding was established in order to invest in the creation of a broad portfolio of biogas cogeneration plants, throughout Romania, using both biomass from agriculture and biodegradable waste as sources of renewable energy, with a positive impact on job creation and environmental protection. The founders of the Holding are:

Baupartner Romania, is an investment group founded by Michael Dietrich in 2006. Initially the group operated in the construction field of activity but later on it became a holding. Currently it comprises 8 companies whose activity consists in investing in renewable energy, real estate and constructions (integrated services, from concept/project to complex constructions with turnkey delivery). The Group also includes Bauelemente, one of the most important companies on the concrete market in Romania.

Vireo Energy ABis a Swedish company that owns and develops biogas projects in Central and Eastern Europe. Currently, the company operates mostly in Poland, Belarus and Romania. Vireo was founded and is owned with a majority of shares by AB Kinnevik, a listed industrial conglomerate, with a 75 year history, having had operated in fields such as agriculture and forestry. Vireo is a long term investor, wanting to support key markets.

AB Group and AB Energy Romania

AB Group was founded in 1981 by Angelo Baronchelli and operates in 11 countries ( Italy, Spain, Poland, Serbia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Romania, France, Austria, the Netherlands and Brazil) through 13 specialized subsidiaries. AB Group's main lines of business focus on natural gas cogeneration (methane) in the industrial area and biogas cogeneration for farming (by using biomass) and urban areas (by using urban waste). Gruppo AB is a leader on the European market of cogeneration plants and is able to supply over 200 pieces of modular equipment per year. Currently the Group has more than 800 pieces of cogeneration equipment which means over 1200 MW installed. In 2011 the turnover surpassed EUR 134 million and investments between 2009 and 2011 went over EUR 20 million. The subsidiary in Romania (AB Energy Romania), founded in 2009, deals with commercial operations and provides technical and maintenance services. In Romania, there are 20 cogeneration installations out of which a biogas cogeneration plant in Filipestii de Padure.

MT Energie

MT-Energie GmbH is based in Zeven, Northern Germany and is one of the main producers of biogas plants and biogas equipment. The company's portfolio includes the development, planning and construction of biogas plants, as well as close technical and biological support In 2010, the turnover recorded a significant growth, reaching EUR 136,8 million. Overall, MT Energie developed 110 biogas projects in 2010.