Thursday, 31 October 2013 15:39

Radu Timis, One of Romania’s Most Admired CEOs

Business Magazin started publishing “100 MOST ADMIRED CEOs” in Romania in 2009. This countdown features high-level managers who, through tenacity and professionalism, have succeeded in earning the admiration of their business peers.

Among these is Mr. Radu Timis, ranking in at number 12. The 100 CEOs in the countdown were selected from 250 people nominated by the votes of 400 company managers and consultants in all fields, from multinationals to small enterprises.

This nominalization proves once again that businessmen in Romania have what it takes to build profitable and sustainable businesses.

This hierarchy, however, does not rely exclusively on business statistics. Business Magazin interviewed high-level managers and consultants in order to find out who they admire, who they credit extraordinary business accomplishments to and who, from their point of view, are the pillars of the business community.

Thus, the top reflects just how diverse this community is in Romania, as it includes both entrepreneurs who managed to start businesses that are able to successfully compete with larger corporations, as well as managers from a corporate environment.

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