Vision, mission, values

radu-timis-2Cris-Tim is one of the most renowned companies on the cold cuts market in Romania. The passion and enthusiasm of Cristina and Radu Timis led to the development and the growth of a successful business.

Cris-Tim philosophy revolves around several key concepts: family, quality, professionalism and creativity. The Timis family have always considered Cris-Tim’s employees and customers as part of their own family. This is reflected by all the business decisions that Mr. and Mrs. Timis have made so far.

At Cris-Tim everybody knows what leads the company forward and what keeps it together, without the need to explain it through words. Cris-Tim is the warm, fluid feeling that encompases everyone and brings us togheter, more than any strategy or business program; it’s the feeling that you are part of a big and real family.

In the paragraphs below we will name all the things and beliefs that define Cris-Tim. This is the story of the people that work in Cris-Tim. We will tell this story straightforward, as it should be done in a real family.

At Cris-Tim, our vision doesn’t focus primarily on the company but on people: Cris-Tim believes in a future where everybody eats healthy, a future where cold meats will always be delicious and nutritious foods.

We do everything keeping in mind the joy and happiness to our customers. Our mission is to give our best and to seek permanently for technologies to help us move forward on the path of innovation in order to provide good customer service.

The values that define Cris-Tim are: care for people, responsibility, innovation, tradition and quality. These values are the foundation of our existence and evolution ever since the beginning and have greatly influenced our decision-making process.

We are proud of the relationship we have with our customers. We have always been honest with our customers and they have rewarded us with their trust and loyalty.

That is why we are determined to nurture the relationship we have with both our customers and our partners in order to build together the future that we have dreamed of. We will do this by respecting people, the environment and the principles of sustainable development.

Radu Timis - President of Cris-tim