Monday, 27 May 2013 03:00

For five years in a row, Cris-Tim was selected the most trusted brand in the meat industry in Romania

For the fifth consecutive year, Cris-Tim was awarded the Trusted Brand distinction at the meat category, following the most important survey on the consumer market in Europe, conducted by Reader's Digest magazine in 15 countries, including Romania. Faithful to the brands that have managed to earn their trust, Romanians elected Cris-Tim again, making it the brand with the best reputation within the category they represent.

The purpose of the most trusted brands survey, which celebrates its thirteenth edition in Europe and its eight edition in Romania this year, is to identify and award the brands European consumers trust the most. “The numbers show Cris-Tim to be the strongest, the best known and the best selling brand of cold cuts in Romania. The fact that it was recognized as the most trusted brand of cold cuts for the fifth consecutive year makes us very happy and confirms the fact that our efforts towards quality don't go unnoticed. We want to thank our loyal customers and we are striving to maintain our leader position by constantly investing in technology and innovation”said Radu Timis, President of Cris-Tim Group.

The 2010 survey showed how Romanian brands were gaining ground, while the 2013 survey confirms the fact that Romanians' trust in national brands is growing constantly. It is important to note that the survey participants were not given choices, but had to name the brands themselves and to evaluate them according to the next criteria "Quality", "Excellent value", "Strong image", "Understand customer needs". The fact that Cris-TIm was awarded the Trusted Brand distinction for 5 years in a row shows that Romanians' decision was based on emotion and personal experience.

With a history of 20 years, Cris-Tim always has always offered its customers safe, fresh and tasty products, made with the help of cutting edge technology and food safety (ISO 22000:2005), product quality (ISO 9001:2008) and environmental management systems(ISO 14001: 2004).