The Farm

EcoFerm is one of the most modern farms in Romania . It is surrounded by beautiful fields and gentle, sunny hills and is located in the town of Boldesti Scaieni, Prahova County, in a fertile region, away from sources of pollution. EcoFerm includes 800 ha of land, three ponds, 31.7 ha of vineyard and grain silos.

The dairy farm currently has 900 cows from Montbeliard breed, renowned for the quality and taste of their milk. Fodder is produced entirely on the farm and meets the standards of organic farming.

Eco-certification for the fields is now underway. Over the the last 4 years, the fields have been fertilized with manure only . Modern equipment is used for working the land. The harvest is stored in special silos, which were built to keep feed in the best conditions.

EcoFerm also includes:

Pleasa Pond

The three ponds in Pleasa village are populated with Romanian carp that are cared for by a dedicated team. The ponds have pontoon bridges for recreational fishing (“catch and release”). If you are passionate about fishing, you can read great fishing stories on

Ceptura Vineyard

The vineyard was planted in 2010 in Ceptura, an area renowned for its wine-making. Here is the best soil for “Feteasca Neagra”, an old, endemic variety of grapes, from which is obtained a wine with blackcurrant flavor. EcoFarm vineyard includes two other renowned varieties: “Tamaioasa Romaneasca” and “Feteasca Alba”.

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