Dairy Products

Our dairy factory is the fulfillment of a 10 year old dream. The dairy factory “Mandruta” (The Fair One) is at the center of a complex process that begins with sowing seeds, continues with raising milk cows and ends with bringing fresh products on our customers' plates.

With a daily capacity of 5000 liters of milk, the factory is equipped with modern and efficient technology. Moreover, all along the production line, quality and food safety standards are highly respected.

Our main strength is traceability. The milk comes from our own dairy cows, which live on the farm and are fed with fodder gathered in the fields of EcoFerm. Within a short distance of the plant, we put up a modern barn for the dairy cows. Immediately after milking the cows, the milk is incorporated into the production line.

Currently, we produce whole milk (3,5%) ,1,5% fat milk, yoghurt, sour cream, buttermilk and “Sana”. You can find our products in the stores, under the brand name “Mandruta”. They are healthy and delicious, and are bound to remind you of childhood and of those savory meals your grandmother used to cook.

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