A building is not just made up of walls but presupposes a complex architecture that equally involves science, creativity and beauty. Not only does it have a well-defined purpose but it also has a soul.

Many of the Sensoconstruct projects are intertwined with Cris-Tim's history. Sensconstruct marks the important moments that have defined the evolution of the company. The first cold cuts plant was designed by Sensconstruct. More complex and challenging projects followed right after that.

  • “Recunostinta” factory in Filipestii de Padure
  • Cris-Tim's Head office on Bucurestii Noi Blvd. , sector 1
  • The main storehouse in Mogosoaia and the other storehouses all over the country
  • EcoFerm dairy plant, the silos and the stables
  • Establishment of Pleasa pond

Sensconstruct portfolio includes houses, office buildings and industrial buildings. The activity so far totals over 100,000 sqm of industrial constructions and civil buildings of approximately 50,000 sqm.

Our team of professionals have a wide experience in various types of construction and keep track with the latest technologies in the field.

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