Cold Cuts

Cris-Tim is committed to producing fresh and savory cold cuts. The „Recunostinta” factory is what puts this complex process in motion. The „Recunostinta” plant is a modern production facility, in Filipestii de Padure, Prahova county.

With an area of 15,000 square meters and 800 employees, „Recunostinta” is the largest investment in the area and one of the most modern cold cuts plants in Romania. The plant has a daily capacity of 150 tons and is equipped with cutting edge equipment that complies with all EU standards in the field.

There are 4 lines of production (boiled smoked salami, specialties, raw dried products and butchery and meat cutting) plus two adjacent sections (receiving station-storage-raw material preparation-slicing/packaging end products).

Each stage of production must comply with strict standards. Our employees are well trained and fulfil the security requirements as stated by quality procedures.

At Cris-Tim we know that natural resources are as precious as life itself.That is why we invested in a water treatment plant and we partnered with Genesis Biopartner in order to obtain technological steam from renewable sources.

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