Storage facilities and transportation systems

Cris-Tim is one of the few cold cuts producers that are aware of the importance of a well-functioning transportation and delivery system. Today, Cris-Tim boasts one of the most impressive and efficient distribution networks in Romania, with 9 logistic centers strategically placed in order to distribute Cris-Tim products all over the country.

The fleet counts over 450 cars. The cold cuts are transported in strictly controlled sanitary conditions, from the moment they leave the production line until the moment they reach the storage facilities of the retailers.

The Cris-Tim storage facilities include a modern monitoring system that shortens the delivery time.

Sediu Central 

Head Office

Address: Bd. Bucurestii Noi, nr. 140, sector 1, Postal Code 12367, Bucharest




Address: Com. Holboca, nr. 615, Iasi County

Phone: 0745 117 477



Address: Str. Principala nr. 282/A, Comuna Ortisoara, Timis County

Phone: 0745 341 133



Address: Str. Orastiei, Nr.10, Depozit nr.26, Centrul Logistic Transilvania, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj County

Phone: 0745 113 496



Address: Str. Aviatorilor nr. 10, Com. Ghercesti (Parc Industrial), Dolj County

Phone: 0745 117 466



Address: Str. Caraiman nr.15, Pavilion H, Constanta, Constanta County

Phone: 0745 120 740



Address: Str. Ecologistilor nr. 21, Municipiul Sacele, Brasov County

Phone: 0745 205 506



Address: Str. Cetatianu Ioan nr. 7, Complex Belmini, Hala 1A, Galati, Galati County

Phone: 0743 001 236



Address: Sos. Bucuresti-Targoviste, nr.1A, Ilfov County

Phone: 0742 291 236



Address: Str. Garii nr. 661, Hala 3, Grajd 3 , Filipestii de Padure, Prahova County

Phone: 0742 291 236