From the very beginning, Cris-Tim has invested heavily in innovative technology and solutions in order to provide high quality products. Innovation is an ongoing mission at Cris-Tim. A mission that means time and dedication but, above all, respect for one’s customers and meeting their needs.

Over the last three years, we have invested around 15 million Euros in research and cutting edge equipment. The “Recunostinta” factory has one of the most modern food safety laboratories in Romania, where every batch of products is tested after leaving the production line.

With the introduction, in 2011, of the High Pressure Processing, Cris-Tim undertakes the mission to innovate in order to meet the customers’ needs and expectations.

Cris-Tim is the only cold cuts producer in Romania that uses High Pressure Processing (HPP) Technology, a natural food preservation method, that relies on the use of cold water. The products, already packed and labeled, are immersed in cold water. Next, the product is subjected to a high level of hydrostatic pressure (6000 bar) that destroys most bacteria and naturally prolongs the product’s shelf life.

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